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The "ee" story begins in southern California with Craig Edwards and his wife.  An accomplished architect and avid cyclist, Craig was the mastermind behind the Sweet Wings crankset in the 1990's and later, the original eeBrake.

In 2016, Craig licensed his eeBrake design to Cane Creek Cycling components and began working as a design consultant with my engineering team.  Over the next several years, my team and I would refine and improve the eeBrake design in order to streamline manufacturing and assembly without compromising the features that made the brakes so unique.  After many small improvements, we eventually created a modular brake concept now know as the eeBrake Generation 4.


We also leveraged Craig's experience with welded tubular cranksets to create the eeWings titanium crankset.  While Craig lended a lot of expertise regarding arm shaping and butting, I was able to leverage my experience and perspective to push the design towards a Hirth joint at the spindle and then went on to play a critical role in developing a close relationship with a trusted maufacturing partner in Taiwan.

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