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Cane Creek's first ground-up damper design in a decade.

Released 2016

With the sales-success of the DBInline (launched 2014), there was a request from OEMs to offer a less-tunable, more simple version for lower-spec bike builds.  The idea was to remove the perceived complexity of a highly tunable shock while maintaining the performance that made the Double Barrel product line so desirable.

The result of this set of requirements was would what come to be named C-Quent.  Though the shock appears similar to the DBInline, and in fact it does share the air-spring assembly, the damping is done in a completely new way.  Instead of routing fluid mostly through adjustable valve assemblies in the cylinder head, the C-Quent does most of the damping via its unique and highly configurable main piston.  This allows the cylinder head to be smaller and simpler, the design of which is something I am very proud of.


Though the C-Quent was not ultimately a sales-success, the novel "cross-tube" design that I developed for the cylinder head would later go on to be fully realized in the industry leading DPX2 shock by former Cane Creek Director of Engineering Josh Coaplen (2006-2015) in his new role at Fox Racing Shox.  

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